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The Growth of Horror Shows in India
Television shows are mainly sources of information or entertainment broadcast on television. These shows cater to a wide audience all over the world. People can spend hours watching television serials and get totally engrossed in it. When you have a few hours to kill, you normally turn to the TV. It is also your go-to guy after a long day at work or a friend who will comfort you when you are down.

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In today's world where it is next to impossible to live in accordance with a TV schedule, the facility of watching TV serials online is very beneficial to consumers. You are able to access all types of shows when and wherever you want. Net viewing has made watching TV easy and flexible. This method also allows you pause, rewind, fast-forward and watch a show at your own pace. Additionally, your viewing experience is not hampered by ads. So you can turn the lights out, log on to the internet and get scared silly by your favourite spooky shows.
The Indian silver screen has been graced by many horror shows and suspense thrillers. Some serials have enjoyed astounding success, while others were critically acclaimed, yet did not capture the minds of the audience. Horror is a genre seeking to elicit a negative reaction from viewers, by playing on their primal fears. It has the capacity to frighten scare or startle the viewer's by inducing fear and terror.
Aahat is almost synonymous with the horror genre in India. It was produced under Akshaya productions but got its fair share of fame when BP Singh of CID Fame took over. Aahat had an original way of building a story, which was new to Indian television. The thrilling tales could leave the faint at heart tossing and turning all night.
There was another show named Sssh Koi Hai which was aired on Star Plus. This Horror TV Show kept the Indian sentiments in mind and lot of research has gone into its making. Initially, it was a normal horror television series that could leave your skin crawling. However, later on the concept of the greatest crusader in the form of Vikraal was introduced. A second part of the show Sssh Phir Koi Hai was telecasted on Star One. It was a great hit among children, as they were a little spooky but not too scary at the same time.
Horror is a very unique and innovating subject to express on the small or big screen. Thus, as the years pass by, the horror stories have been changed and revamped. Modern technologies have been used to make them more realistic and absolutely frightening. This is why these shows continue to scare the daylights out of full grown adults, all around the world. Hollywood Movies 2017 List

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